Sunday, June 14, 2009

the lowpoly past - part II - freelancing

just coming home from a gorgeous once in a lifetime lovely fairytale wedding of my cousin. First some more background info.

During studies I did a little bit of freelancing for game art. Thanks to a colleague from the first mod I worked on (TerrorQuake2), I made contact with Lemsko, a German 3d artist and virtual aviation enthusiast. With his support I did work for IEN on warbirds2 and their tank game armored assault... yeah back then I was into military models quite a bit.

For a fantasy competitive jump'n run quake mod following animations were created. I've also done a bit of character work for that project, which died soon.

The earlier military model work lead thru freelance work for esimgames.

As my studies required lots of time, I only did very little freelance work basically to keep the 3dsmax license floating ;)