Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alles Im Fluss - open beta :)

For the start of the new year I am happy to announce that a long time project (dating back to 2008) finally is ready for public. "Alles Im Fluss" (everything flows), a 3dsmax plugin to aid poly modelling is available for open beta.

Alles Im Fluss provides the ability to quickly and easily draw polygon strips, connections or extrusions, and cap holes while maintaining clean, mostly quad-based topology.

One single tool provides you with all functionality depending on the sub-object type you are in, or keyboard modifiers used.

The tool provides you with control to refine the surface flow of connections or caps and replay drawn paths on other geometry.

Head over to and grab a copy for evaluation (fully-featured)!
Pricing is yet to be determined, however, you can expect it to be the cost of one game.

Hope to be able to update it for a bit, it's a nice "topic change" from my regular job around graphics programming, back to the artist roots. Next goal is to be able to "pick up" paths from existing geometry and then replay.