Saturday, November 14, 2009

function call highlighting

I am quite a visual assist addict, and miss some of its features in other IDEs. For luxinia's Lua and Cg use, I tweak the estrela editor to my own needs. wxWidgets's scintilla version, doesn't allow you to use the style-bits as flexible as I'd love to do. As a result the lexer overwrites the manual changes one does. But with the indicators at least, you can make sure they aren't modified. So the latest addition is function-call highlighting, something I really like in VA.

As you might see on the text I am also working on a Lua binding for OpenCL. Whilst I've used manual bindings before, this time I used swig. It needed a few "dirty" hacks and a swigutility library, but now it more or less works fine. Binding, sources and samples will come with a future luxinia release.