Sunday, June 28, 2009

the trine time

I've recently stumbled upon a very nice game to appear soon Trine. There is a demo for the PC version. It has gorgeous graphics and cool gameplay. Good old 2d gameplay but with recent looks. It's a bit like Lost Vikings with different characters having different abilities. Very refreshing from the "next-gen shooters / 3rd person action". It also shows that narrating a story doesnt have to "cost" a lot. They use moving images with parallax effects for narration (bit like Max Payne, though different style) and have very good voice acting.

Speaking of games, I've grabbed the Armed Assault II demo, lots of gigs. And was rather disappointed. While it's essentially the same gameplay as in Operation Flashpoint I, it has insane hardware requirements, and given that, it doesnt feel that much "bigger" than the original OFP. I wonder where all the development has gone into. Characters surely look nicer, and so does the vegetation. But the classic issues of AI problems, and "visibility" problems with lying in grass, that fades out with distance, still remain. Developers should have foremost focussed on that. In the meantime I can recommend Project Reality for BF2. It has a similar realistic/tactic approach to gameplay as OFP, but hosted in the nicer BF2 engine.

At the moment I mostly play GTR Evolution using my forcefeedback wheel + pedals, it's a blast. Graphics of environment are clearly inferior to the more arcade games (GRID), but the physics/handling and sounds are awesome. Oh and the people who drive the Nordschleife for real... insane...